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People have been asking how they can visit A-Z West, and we love sharing this special place with those who feel an affinity.  In order to provide the best experience for visitors, without interfering with A-Z West’s simultaneous function as a personal residence and studio, we have set up two different ways to visit:
The first is by taking one of our intimate guided tours, which happen four times a year.  These tours last about two hours and offer a glimpse into just about every nook and cranny at A-Z West.  They are administered by High Desert Test Sites as a fundraiser, and there is a modest tour fee that directly supports HDTS programing.
Another way to experience A-Z West is by staying in the A-Z Wagon Station Encampment during either our spring or fall “open seasons”.  During this time the Wagon Stations can be booked from a period of one night to a week or more.  The one thing that we ask in return is that each guest staying at A-Z West helps out during our communal morning work hour, fondly known as the “Hour of Power”, every weekday from 10-11 AM.  The Wagon Station encampment consists of ten A-Z Wagon Stations, a communal outdoor kitchen, open air showers, and composting toilets.  Our 2013 “season” when guests can come stay in the Encampment is from April 13 to May 5, and from October 5th to the 27th (pending availability).  If you wish to stay in the encampment please send an email with a bit of background info about yourself, and what dates you would like to come to
Because A-Z West is a private residence, and also the site of a full time studio practice, please respect that there will also be certain times when the property is closed to visitors.  These are periods when we are working under tight deadlines for upcoming exhibitions, or when Andrea needs to focus on having a private life with her son or just a bit of alone time in the desert.

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