Raugh enough?


In 1998 I created a new ideology called Raugh- which was meant to embrace “Human Nature.”   A few “Rules of Raugh” are:   Raugh surface should absorb or camouflage dirt, rather than reveal it.  and Because all possessions ultimately break down or wear out, a Raugh object must deteriorate beautifully.  Yet another dictate is Raugh is absolutely comfortable.  So since moving into A-Z West I’ve been prototyping a series of different kinds of Raugh furniture.  The latest, this carved foam daybed/sofa was probably completed only a year ago (or maybe even more recently).   And now both the theory and function of Raugh are coming under severe testing by the dog Poppy and cat Thunder Angel.


After the first few scratches I convinced myself that it made the foam look better and more like granite (which was actually sort of true) – but then pushing the standard of elegant deterioration to it’s furthest extreme, Poppy and Thunder both continued to gouge at the foam until it was totally shredded, and visiting guests no longer bounded over to give it’s softness and enthusiastic try.


Finally it was time for the old foam to go into storage, to be replaced by crisp new chunks – covered (for now) with a hide that seems to offer at lest some protection from claws and paws.  But is this new version Raugh enough?  That I’m not quite sure of….

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  1. Stellar couch! I’m always thinking of ways to have furniture without buying furniture, since it’s so hard to find what you need. What sort of foam is that? And did you carve it with a hand tool or power tool?


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